An Application of Data Mining in Adaptive Web based Education System

M. Despotović, Z. Bogdanović, D. Barać, and B. Radenković (Serbia)


Adaptive web based education, data mining


This paper describes possibilities of using data mining tools and methods in web based education. Nowadays, building effective e-learning framework depends on finding adequate means for discovering users’ interests, preferences, motivations and needs. Personalization is the next step in the evolution of e-learning systems. Therefore, data mining and its techniques are discussed as the most appropriate and sophisticated tools in realization of this concept. The primary goal of the research is to build personalized and integrated web based education system. We present the architecture and methodology for developing e-education systems, which are fully adapted to learners. An example that dealt with appliance of data mining in e-learning system is given, too. Data was collected from the distance education system in Laboratory for E-Business, Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade.

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