Applying Video Annotation Technology on Web-based Multimedia Learning Framework

I.-T. Yeh, H.-T. Lin, K.-N. Chang, and H.-Y. Chen (Taiwan)


Hypervideo, video annotation, video navigation


With the Web and hypertext technology, we can obtain many kinds of information and data on Web. Moreover, streaming and compression technology enable us to access multimedia data through network more easily than before. Hypertext technology has been used in linking Web resources popularly. However, we usually only can follow the original sequence of a video to browse it. Our research extends Hypervideo concept and combines hypertext concept and video presentation to give a different presentation style. We constructed a framework for our Web-based Hypervideo system which is mainly used for instruction. The system offers an easy-to-use interface for teachers to annotate and add information on video. The player tool designed for students can re-present the provided annotations and information. A prototype system has been built for evaluating the proposed framework. According to the experiment result, the proposed framework is feasible for this kind of application. The prototype system also verifies that the user-interface and data model are designed in a good way.

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