The eduWEAVER Contents Approach: From Provision to Instruction

F. Waldner, M. Nemetz, and D. Karagiannis (Austria)


eLearning, instructional design, learning objects, content administration, modeling


Currently the content-centric view on eLearning is extended by didactical and pedagogical aspects. The formalization and modeling of didactical processes gains more and more interest. This development is reflected in the courseware modeling tool eduWEAVER. It supports instructors in the design, the re-use, and the adaptation of new and existing courses independently from existing learning platforms. What makes eduWEAVER unique among courseware tools is its ability to structure didactical learning scenarios in graphical knowledge models. This paper illustrates the benefits, eduWEAVER offers to contents auditors of academic programs as well as to instructors.

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