Cognitive Apprenticeship Approach to Developing Meta-Cognitive Skill with Cognitive Tool for Web-based Navigational Learning

A. Kashihara, M. Shinya, K. Taira, and K. Sawazaki (Japan)


Meta-cognitive skill, cognitive tool, cognitive apprenticeship, Web-based navigational learning, and hyperspace


Meta-cognition plays a crucial role in promoting efficiency and effects of cognitive (learning) process. However, it is hard for learners to accomplish it. The main issue addressed in this paper is how to develop meta-cognitive skill. This paper describes a cognitive apprenticeship approach to this issue, which enables learners to accumulate experiences of meta-cognitive process with cognitive tool. In particular, we propose a learner-adaptable scaffolding/fading, in which functions of the tool can be fadable according to their meta cognitive skill. This paper also demonstrates the learner adaptable scaffolding/fading with Interactive History that is a cognitive tool helping learners accomplish meta cognitive process for Web-based navigational learning.

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