A Comparative Study of LMS Usability for First-Time Users: Navigation Concept, Subjective Evaluation, and Task Completion Rate and Time

Y. Sasaki (Japan), L. Taferner, G.J. Anker (Austria), and T. Okamoto (Japan)


Web-based education (WBE), learning management system (LMS), usability testing, usability questionnaire, navigation concept


When choosing a system or designing a courseware for Web-based education, usability is a critical issue. Twenty-one undergraduate students having no experience with a WBE before were asked to use three learning management systems and to complete tasks including registering for a course, finding and reading a course material, taking a test, contributing to a discussion forum and editing a Wiki page. The subjects’ behaviours were observed and videotaped using eye-tracking equipment. Time required for completion of each subtask was measured. Think-aloud and retrospective protocols as well as subjective ratings were taken to gain users’ own perception and evaluation. T his paper shows some of the first results of the study, namely of the subjective usability ratings, task completion rate and time required, and discusses their relations to the navigation concepts of the compared systems.

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