ePBL: Investigating the Use of Online Resources to Support Problem based Learning in Physiotherapy Education

A. Rickard and J. Yorke (UK)


PBL, MLE, e-learning, physiotherapy education,


Problem based learning (PBL) attempts to translate and import real world problems into an educational context, intending to improve learning outcomes. This paper reports on the process of integrating online resources into an undergraduate physiotherapy course in the UK, which is characterised by the extensive use of PBL. Following a pilot survey, this online enhanced version of PBL (ePBL) was subjected to evaluation using a questionnaire and focus groups. Results suggested that the immediacy of access to shared resources was beneficial; however some concerns revolving around the role and value of the discursive conferencing component emerged. ePBL has now been adopted programme-wide and implications for this approach are discussed.

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