An Ontology based System for Reusing Components of Web Learning Resources

I. AlAgha and L. Burd (UK)


Reusable Learning Object, Ontology, Annotation.


This paper presents an ontology-based system designed to facilitate the reuse and personalization of the components of HTML learning resources. Unlike other solutions which primarily focus on the reuse of learning objects (LOs) at the entire level, or the reuse of well-structured LOs, our approach aims to remotely annotate and reuse the components of unstructured resources such as HTML documents. Additionally, the system provides seamless integration of the teacher in the authoring activities, which is an issue investigated by few similar systems. This integration is accomplished through the annotation and ontology generation tools that enable the teacher to handle tasks either automatically or manually. The proposed system is grounded on a model of multiple ontologies used to annotate the fragments of HTML documents. It extracts the annotated HTML fragments during the learning session from the Web, and produces “just-in-time” pluggable learning assets. To test the feasibility of the approach, learning scenarios that employ the extracted assets were implemented and evaluated.

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