A Flexible Taxonomy of Learning Objects based on Content and Media Centric Approaches to Granularity

C. Innis-Allen and E. Mugisa (Jamaica)


Learning object, taxonomy, granularity, reuse, e-learning, repository


The issue of appropriate granularity for learning objects is a significant one for the learning object research community. Fine objects have high reusability but low added value. Balancing this trade off requires appropriate levels of granularity and taxonomies to inform aggregation and disaggregation models. We believe that learning objects should be categorized based on their use in a learning environment. We suggest four main categories of learning objects :curriculum, instructional, assessment and works and a limited number of granularities. Furthermore, it is our position that a learning object must fit in one category, in one granularity level and that they should be developed based on curriculum based on curriculum objectives and descriptions. We have developed a flexible taxonomy of learning objects by combining a content-centric approach with a media-centric approach to granularity. In this paper, we examine the issues of granularity, reusability, reuse value and context. Our proposed taxonomy provides a framework for reuse and for the utilization of IEEE LTSC LOM classification and education parts. The taxonomy also forms the basis of our proposed repository of learning objects for secondary and tertiary institutions in the Caribbean.

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