Community Processes in University Education: Integrating Web-based Communication and Collaboration Applications

A. Baumann (Germany)


University Education, Learning Community, Faculty Development, Web-based Methods and Tools, Communication and Collaboration Applications, Process Modeling


In university education the training for and the practice of a profession is still distinguished, but on closer examination the processes of knowledge acquisition and knowledge work are setting up a closed loop. These individual knowledge processes, termed e-learning and knowledge management if computer-assisted, focus on transfer of knowledge through cross-linking of people and documentation of knowledge. Further reforms in university education give rise to two, so far unconsidered, options – to strengthen e-learning for scientific staff as well as knowledge management for students and to promote collaborative e-learning as well as individual knowledge management within these groups. As far as communication and collaboration is concerned, the community knowledge processes have to be investigated more carefully. Students and scientific staff are counterparts facing each other in teachings as well as in research. Thus a valuable opportunity to enhance university education is often missed. Currently the first implementation of the process model presented in this paper is evaluated. The concept aims to bring together both groups as one joint collaborative learning community and, especially from the point of view of information technology, to facilitate interaction in this fundamental part of the Scientific Community.

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