vELAP: Video-based e-Lectures for all Participants

P. Kosec and M. Debevc (Slovenia)


Webcasting, e-learning, persons with disabilities


Because of the rapid development of information and communication technology and the growing availability of broadband connections, the demand for e-learning webcast systems is increasing. What is required is a simple and natural way to record and present lectures, allowing for both live streams and archived copies to be produced without additional post-production. This paper presents our plan for and realization of a lecturer-friendly mobile webcast system (vELAP), which puts a particular emphasis on accessibility, taking people with disabilities into particular account. We also describe hardware and software solutions which allow for the automated and simultaneous recording of video and audio while including presentation slides, subtitles and tables of topics. Additionally, the vELAP system offers deaf and hard of hearing persons the option of viewing videos of sign language interpreters, while blind and weak-sighted students can access audio subtitles, text enlargements and colour corrections.

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