Structured Authoring of Technical Documents through Systematic Use of Open-Source Technologies

D. Roy (Japan)


Collaborative, Google Docs, CMAP, Technical Writing, Moodle.


This paper explores the efficiency with which different kinds of open-source software such as Google Docs, CmapTools, and Moodle can be used for producing technical documents that require collaborative writing practices. This paper has focused on the importance of systematic role-playing, collaboration, proper sequence of activities and efficient project-specific software usage. The observational study demonstrates that the systematic usage of features in the open-source programs coupled with the structured nature of assignment instructions helps students to author their technical documents effectively. Further, it is also demonstrated and argued that instructors have greater control of the student activities and performance with learning management systems such as Moodle, when used in combination with document production systems like Google Docs and CmapTools.

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