LECO: An Internal Virtual Tool to Aid Collaboration in the Context of a Virtual University

J. Conesa, À. Rius, D. Gañan, and D. Gómez (Spain)


Collaborative tools, collaborative environments, collaboration, communication, sharing, collaborative needs, virtual universities, experience.


It is a reality that most e-learning environments, like that of the virtual campus of the UOC, are only thought up to support learning processes and focused to meet the student requirements. The quality of the university not only relies on the quality of the learning processes, but also on the internal processes of the university. In order to improve these internal processes, it is necessary to support the needs of the university faculty and staff and such needs are mainly concerned with collaboration. An environment called LECO has been created in order to support the collaborative requirements of the Information, Multimedia and Telecommunication Studies department (IMTS) of the UOC. It is our belief that our experience may be useful to other companies that plan to use an integrated environment (or a set of tools) to improve the collaboration of their members.

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