e-Learning based Cooperative Educational and Pedagogical Methods for VET Teachers

T. Köpeczi-Bócz (Hungary)


Innovative teaching and learning technologies for Web based education, collaborative e-learning, virtual reality applications in Web-based education, international projects and international collaboration on Web-based education


E-learning based Cooperative Educational and Pedagogical methods for Vocational Education and Training Teachers (ECEPT, www.ecept.edu.hu) is an international pilot project, supported by e-learning technology and aims at the intro duction of cooperative pedagogical trainings. Cooperative pedagogy is an excellent tool for developing the students’ social and vocational competence. The project includes a very effective system of tools which enables students to improve their communicative skills, co-operational and problem-solving abilities, adapting themselves to teamwork by applying ICT tools. The main target of the project is to elaborate the teachers’ initial and further training programs which enables them to use the methods of cooperative learning in the framework of e-learning in the different economic sectors, in 5 European counties (France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, UK) The project is built on teaching materials connected to workflow models with the help of electronic virtual tools as well as the methods supporting cooperative learning. As a result, the project will provide both theoretical-methodological background (E-learning Tool for Cooperative-learning = ETC) and practical training possibilities (E-learning Supported Exercise for Cooperative-learning = ESEC) for the students. With the presentation I would like to support those who – either as a student, a teacher or a teaching material developer – would like to apply this system, by underlining that training in workflow-environment, application of innovative, cooperative methods and the possibilities provided by modern technologies play a significant role in the individualized learning-teaching process, in competence development and in lifelong learning.

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