Design and Implementation of a Secure Mobile Wiki System

C. Kolias, S. Demertzis, and G. Kambourakis (Greece)


Wiki; Security; XML; Mobile Systems; SSL.


During the last few years wikis have emerged as one of the most popular tool shells. Wikipedia has boosted their popularity, but they also keep a significant share in e learning, intranet-based applications such as defect track-ing, requirements management, test-case management, and project portals. However, existing wiki systems can-not fully support mobile clients due to several incompati-bilities that exist. On the top of that, an effective secure mobile wiki system must be lightweight enough to sup-port low-end mobile devices having several limitations. In this paper we analyze the requirements for a novel multi-platform secure wiki implementation. XML Encryption and Signature specifications are employed to realize end-to-end confidentiality and integrity services. Our scheme can be applied selectively and only to sensitive wiki con-tent, thus diminishing by far computational resources needed at both ends; the server and the client. To address authentication of wiki clients a simple one-way authenti-cation and session key agreement protocol is also intro-duced. The proposed solution can be easily applied to both centralized and forthcoming P2P wiki implementa-tions.

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