Pull with Pearsons Trigger Word Tool to Enable Simplexity: Student Empowerment via a Text Messaging System for Mobile Administration

J. Richardson, J. Lenarcic, E. McKay, and C. Craig (Australia)


mobile, SMS, emerging technology application, human dimensions of HCI, information systems, push-pull, on demand, real-time, trigger words


This paper describes a case study of an innovative application of Short Messaging Service (SMS) technology in the higher education sector to enable students to access administrative and assessment information. Moreover, staff can send class group reminders and assessment feedback in the form of tabulated results. The rationale behind the SMS pilot testing of this innovative application implemented recently at an Australian university was to reduce the need for students to access university or home computer systems for course timetables, class locations, assessment schedules, marks and feedback. A powerful additional feature of this technology is to provide students with a familiar communication tool that keeps them informed. To gain the best learning outcome from a class, students can check for reading or work/learning expectations, at any time before the scheduled class. It was concluded that this type of mobile technology pilot usage can in general be extended to guide universities’ choice of information service functions with carefully crafted trigger words to increase students’ adoption of SMS to enhance their learning satisfaction.

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