Evaluation of On-Going Observations and Communication with the Use of "Lunar Obersvation Support" System

M. Suzuki, H. Miyata, T. Nishimori, M. Nanbara, M. Fukahori, and T. Akamatsu (Japan)


Mobile e-learning, pre-service education, CSCL, supports for observational studies in science education


In a prior study (Suzuki, et. al., 2007), we found that participants evaluated the utilization of the “LOS (Lunar Observation Support)” system positively. This research mainly examines the influence of the LOS system on learning about the moon in a course for prospective teachers. In terms of practices, most of students evaluated on-going observation and communication inside and outside of a classroom positively. The LOS system could encourage them to continue observation of the moon. The system, moreover, could facilitate students to deliberate the age of the moon while choosing and adjusting the phase through mobile phones. The detailed analysis about students’ conceptions of the moon shows the possibility which on-going observations, sharing observational data and communicating about the moon with the use of LOS system enhance prospective teachers’ knowledge of the moon. That would be helpful especially for students who hardly answer to the questions of a lunar inventory sheet. The other hand, the authors realize that it is necessary to develop an additional function of the LOS system, in order to encourage students to activate conversations about their own observation records stored by the system, and to facilitate students to imagine the relationships among the moon, earth and sun three dimensionally.

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