A Multimedia Museum Guide System with Instant Infrared Communication

D. Cai (Japan)


Infrared, Wireless communication, Uubiquitous Comput ing, Guide Ssyem


In this paper, we describe a prototype of an multimedia guide system that use instant infrared communication to get the multimedia contents and play the contents based on the operation of the users. The portable guide device is con posed of an infrared window, an OLED screen, an input cross key and a headphone. Because the user can operate the guide device based on his or her needs, the system can provide a semi-interactive y function with a very low cost. Here the guide contents are delivered through an instant in frared communication, which will not be affected by the number of users, can provide different delivering area in a exhibition hall. The radio wave can not provide such ser vice. With an RTOS embedded system, we have developed the prototype of the system, and made a demostration to the visitors in a local science museum in Japan. Based on the annketo, more than 80 persent visitors satisīŦed with the service provided by the new device and system.

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