Knowledge Degree of Learning Modules Corresponding to the IRT Score

O. Yamakawa, M. Kikusawa, and T. Tanaka (Japan)


Item Response Theory, Selection criterion of learning modules, Knowledge degree, Adaptive learning


The abilities of first-year students in computer usage have been measured for several years using the item response theory (IRT), so far. Our aim of this study is developing the selection method for learning modules corresponding to IRT score. For this purpose, firstly, a prior knowledge survey for first-year students about the learning module was executed. Secondary, the IRT score of students and the probability of prior knowledge of the learning modules are brought into connection by the 2-parameters logistic model. This connection method introduces an indicator to select the learning modules corresponding to the IRT score. We call the indicator “knowledge degree”. The indicator can work as a criterion to provide the learning modules to the students who has a specific IRT score.

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