Students' Attitude to Formative Web-based Assessment

J. Rutkowski, K. Moscinska, and D. Grzechca (Poland)


Web-based assessment, summative and formative assessment, e-learning, multi-choice test.


Internet-based assessment has been recently introduced into many courses taught at Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland. We have started with summative assessment (examination) and non-obligatory formative assessment. The next step was the implementation of obligatory formative assessment for some groups of students. In the paper the applied forms of formative assessment are thoroughly described. We present the method, obtained results, and students attitude to different forms of assessment. Students have been surveyed on various aspects of web-based assessment - in particular, on the methods of cheating. We discuss the range of cheating, ways of cheating and precautions to be taken. The authors’ experience and findings may be helpful for teachers applying Internet for students’ assessment.

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