From Distributed Computing to Distributed Learning

P. Jandric, M. Artacho, R. Hopkins, and D. Fergusson (UK)


Grid, e-Learning, distributed computing, education delivery mode, delivery mode shift


In 2007, the International Collaboration to Extend and Advance Grid Education (ICEAGE), organiser of the successful series of International Summer Schools on Grid Computing (ISSGC) run annually since 2003, decided to go online. ISSGC material has been developed into various audio-visual and textual formats and stored in the ICEAGE Digital Library. The representative selection of those materials, carefully hand-picked by leading authorities in the field, builds the basis of the International Winter School on Grid Computing (IWSGC) curriculum. The first part of the paper shows that the shift from face– to-face to online education is inherently connected with the nature of grids and proves the necessity of distributed delivery mode for grid education. Based on previous works on delivery mode shifts from face-to-face to online education, the second part of the paper deals with connected challenges from aspects of curriculum, course design, tutoring, course maintenance, auxiliary activities and participant satisfaction. All discussions and conclusions are based on the real example of delivery shift from ISSGC to IWSGC’08, thus providing a series of recommendations suitable for wide international use in grid education.

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