Management of e-Learning Services in European Union

A. Zamfir (Romania)


E-learning and e-training, lifelong learning, web-based technologies, online interaction, e-learning policy, IT based educational system.


Currently, there is a major interest in education and training because of the knowledge society development. New ways to equip teachers and learners with the competences and skills they need for the knowledge society and economy should therefore be found. E learning could play a key role in supporting the development of education strategies. This paper analyses the e-learning services development since its early days in terms of conceptual framework, factors of influence and development trends. The aim of this paper is also to analyse the e-learning policy in European Union, evaluating current situation and proposing new opportunities for the teaching-learning process improvement. Furthermore, the paper includes a case study of Romanian IT Based Educational System that could be considered as an example of good practice in Web-based education. We propose some measures that should be taken in order to develop the e-learning services and to promote the knowledge society. The findings presumptions of this study could represent a starting point for further researches on management of e-learning services and development of Web-based education.

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