The Process Innovation for e-Learning Implementation: A Case Study of a Taiwan University

C.-C. Lin, K. Pawar, Z. Ma (UK), and J.W. Chen (Taiwan)


Innovation process, e-learning, technology adoption, im plementation process.


This paper explores the process of the implementation of e-learning strategies in higher educational institutions. It determines that the adoption and implementation of e learning strategies occur in accordance with a combina tion of methods employed to diffuse the innovations. Key elements of the diffusion of innovations theory were used to identify the ways in which e-learning activities are be ing integrated into practices. The study employs the quali tative method to illustrate the e-learning implementation panorama. The researcher attended as an ob-server the meetings of the top management groups, leaders and stra tegic planners, hardware and software experts, instruc tional designers, participants from different schools, as well as course participants.

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