ECoDI: The Invention of a Digital-Virtual Living Space

E. Schlemmer, L. Backes, P.S.S. Frank, and F. Andros da Silva (Brazil)


Digital-Virtual Living Space, Teacher Education, representation, interaction.


This paper aims at discussing the opening and theoretical basis for digital-virtual living, used on the work “The teacher’s education when interacting with AVA in virtual realities: Perceptions and representations 1 ”, which has been developed in the context of the Digital Education Research Group – GP edu. The work is associated with the following CNPq areas: Educational Technology, Cognitive and Telecomputing Psychology; and the research line called Teacher’s Pedagogical Practices and Training in the Postgraduate Programme in. Thus, all the different Digital Technologies (DTs) shaping the digital virtual living space – the Virtual Learning Environment, Virtual Realities and Comunicative Agent.

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