The Framework and Prospective Design for Web-based Intelligent Tutoring System

E. Kovatcheva (Bulgaria) and T. Okamoto (Japan)


intelligent, tutoring, mentoring, e-learning, system, neural network, adaptive system


Nowadays the interest to the adaptive intelligent e learning systems increases. The adaptations approach to the content, learning process and assessment. This paper deals with issues related to the intelligent mentoring systems and their history, and current situation. The supposed needs and requirements of the potential future users are considered here. The use of computers in education goes back more than 30 years. First, the computers was used just a typewriter for the static representation of the courses. Then the e-learning platform was developed. And now - the most advanced are the intelligent mentoring system. This paper is a historical review of the educational systems and there is proposed one new model of the adaptive tutoring system. The component of the system and using tools are presented in this research.

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