Development of an e-Learning Environment Across all Departments and a Model Class

T. Matsumoto, T. Suzuki, M. Sato, and T. Imachi (Japan)


educational system, e-Learning environment, LMS, MODEL CLASS


In 2006, Kanazawa University (KU) adopted a policy that made it mandatory for all freshmen to have a laptop PC, and started a new class called Introduction to Information Technology as a compulsory first-year subject. We designed this class as a model for developing an e-Learning environment across all departments. We realized that educational systems and support environments are important for the success of e-Learning, so we added portal functions with the cooperation of the company which developed the LMS for us. In addition, we set up a wireless LAN infrastructure, and upgraded some lecture rooms for the Introduction to Information Processing courses. We started up a support room to assist teachers in developing their teaching materials, and opened a PC support room for students in the university hall, near the hub of student activity. In this paper, we will show the outline of the educational system, and report the largely positive student evaluations of the Introduction to Information Technology course and the educational system during its first two years. The number of classes that use the educational system tripled in 2007.

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