Integrated Solution for Learning Content Management Systems Development

K. Yordanova (Bulgaria)


LCMS, LOR, Learning Object (LO), ontology, Unified Modelling Language (UML), eXtensible Mark-up Language (XML), integrated solution


The problem how to develop custom Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS), integrating existing (mostly open source) software components and taking into account specific local needs, is discussed widely in the literature [1, 9, 10]. The availability of huge number of such components and tools further complicates this process. Main goal of this paper is to present a possible solution of above stated problem. For this purpose a special method for LCMS development in the form of Learning Object Repositories (LOR) was developed. The method is based on the idea of choosing and integrating from existing open source tools. It is a systematic process of software development of an Open System Architecture, by including at each next stage appropriate software components, satisfying well defined in advance specifications and standards. stages of development process are listed and developed application is discussed and presented. The proposed method is illustrated by one practical example of LCMS development. This example LCMS was at the end evaluated, in order to validate the approach and method proposed and described in this paper.

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