Modeling Learning Practices as Components of Learning Objects and Specifying Sequences of Content and Practice

D. de S. e S. Rodrigues, S.W.M. Siqueira (Brazil), M.H.L.B. Braz (Portugal), and R.N. Melo (Brazil)


Learning objects, learning content, learning practice, sequencing, structuring, and modeling.


The development of instructional content for Web Based Learning is an expensive, time-consuming and complex process that leads to the development of new methodologies. The concept of Learning Objects (LOs) was proposed as an approach to promote content reuse. In this paper, we describe a strategy to modeling learning practices that are embedded in LOs, according to a previous proposal for learning content modeling. These atomic LOs of content and practice are called Component Objects. The work presented in this paper is based on previous experiences and proposals on information processing, learning content structuring and classification of learning activities and practices, which lead to a metamodel for representing learning content and practice. A language for defining sequences of COs is also presented, with a syntax that is adequate to the specification of the possible ways of sequencing COs/LOs. A case study is briefly described to show the applicability of the proposals. Although it is not expected to represent a revolution on learning content and practice structuring, the approach presented in this paper provides alternatives for representing smaller LOs while the experiment in the case study brought enthusiasm to students and professors.

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