Bringing the World to Higher Education: A New Paradigm for Global Learning

S.C. Aldridge (USA)


Web-based education, E-learning, global university


Web-based learning technologies are literally bringing the world to higher education, by transforming the very architecture of university life. Now more than ever, educators are looking beyond the traditional “bricks and mortar” campus archetype to embrace a more contemporary “global university” model. Yet for the global university to succeed, it must serve as more than just a learning structure. It will also need to facilitate a vibrant learning community; connecting broadly dispersed students and faculty from a myriad of cultural and linguistic traditions; political and socio-economic perspectives. In doing so, Web-based educators and designers can merge information and communication technology with cultural anthropology and cognitive science to: 1) create e-learning environments that are empowering and effective for all learners; 2) choose distance education technologies that are both easy to use and easy to access; and 3) implement transnational standards of academic excellence to discourage the mass production and overseas export of higher education.

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