Extraction of Morphological Parameters of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds using Two-Point Correlation Function

M. Haghpanahi and S. Miramini (Iran)


Tissue engineering, scaffold, morphological parameters, two-point correlation function.


Tissue engineering scaffolds are special 3D structures that are used for cell proliferation, migration and differentiation and finally formation of the extra-cellular matrix and target tissue. Performance of various functions of these structures depends on morphological, biological and mechanical properties of tissue scaffolds. Biological and mechanical properties of porous scaffolds are highly influenced by morphological characteristics. Porosity and specific surface area are two main morphological parameters of the scaffolds. This paper presents a new method for extraction of morphological properties of tissue engineering scaffolds based on two-point correlation function and analysis of scanning electron micrograph of the scaffold. Application of this method to extract the morphological parameters of collagen scaffold will also be presented.

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