Vocal Folds Vascularization Level Analysis using Hough Transform

A. Méndez, B. García, I. Ruiz, and I. Iturricha (Spain)


Hough Transform, Biomedical image processing, Diseases, FFT band pass filter


This paper presents the design of an algorithm that joins different digital image processing techniques; witch is applied to endoscopic images of vocal folds. The aim of this research is to provide a method to analyse vascularization level to the doctor, in order to support his diagnosis and change the current subjective view. The processing is based on the FFT Band Pass Filter, the mathematical operations and Hough Transform between treated images, in order to highlight the level of vascularization. The final result will be presented in a results report with the following information: the processed image with veins detected and highlighted by Hough Transform.

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