GPU-Accelerated Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs

D. Ruijters, B.M. ter Haar-Romeny (The Netherlands), and P. Suetens (Belgium)


Data Representation and Visualization, Digitally Recon structed Radiograph, 2D-3D Registration, Radiotherapy, GPU Acceleration


Intensity based two-dimensional to three-dimensional (2D 3D) registration algorithms usually rely on the generation of a Digitally Reconstructed Radiograph (DRR) in each it eration of the registration algorithm. The vast majority of the computation time of such registration algorithms can be contributed to the calculations needed to produce DRRs. Since 2D-3D registration often is applied during clinical interventions, it is of great importance to obtain the result of the registration within limited time. We present an ap proach that is both very fast and accurate, harvesting the parallel processing power of today’s mainstream graphics hardware. Especially we use the high precision z-buffer as intermediate buffer, in order to produce accurate results.

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