Detection of Detrimental Effects on Health in Point-of-Care Scenarios using a Multiparametric Biosensor

M. Schmidhuber, J. Wiest, D. Grundl, M. Brückl, N. Büchels, and B. Wolf (Germany)


Labs-on-Chip, multiparametric sensorarray, Point-of-Care diagnosis, cell-signalconverter


A whole-cell biosensor with its miniaturized electronic is described. Various interfaces including a built-in GSM modem allow a wide application field in Point-of-Care scenarios. Improvements designing the fluidic module and also reducing the costs for the biochip should lead to a disposable and easy-to-use system. Design concepts are described. In this handheld system a multiparametric biochip based on cost-effective ceramic substrate is used. The cells cultivated upon this biochip act as a signal converter for monitoring environmental changes in their surrounding micromilieu. The measurement of their vitality parameters pH, pO2 and impedance allows an estimation of the impact on the metabolic activity due to the added agent or compound. Analysing the signal response profiles using various cell lines enables an extended field of application. Example measurements from chemosensitivity experiments are shown. The way towards Point-of-Care applications in water quality monitoring and food analysis is described.

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