Ultrasound Guided Transperineal Robotic Biopsy System for the Prostate

P. Mohani, H. Ho, D. Li, E.W. Lim, W. Lau, C. Cheng, and W.S. Ng (Singapore)


Prostate cancer; Robot-assisted; Transperineal Biopsy; ultrasound guided.


This paper focuses on introducing a robotic system for transperineal biopsy of the prostate guided by transrectal ultrasound images. It aims to improve cancer detection rate through maximal biopsy of the peripheral and apical regions. The mechanical units of the robot guide the urologist to position the system with respect to the patient. The software enables ultrasound image acquisition for prostate boundary delineation and biopsy core planning. It also calculates the required parameters of the needle’s trajectory and controls the motorized needle positioning for biopsy execution. Phantom experiments show the system is accurate, consistent and offers wide coverage.

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