A Study of the Vasodilatation by the Ultrasound Thermal Effects

S.M. Kim, M.P. Lee, B.C. Choi, W.S. Jung, H.S. Bae, S.H. Park, and S.H. Kang (Korea)


Vasodilatation, Ultrasound Therapy, Thermal Effects, Pulse Transit Time, and Cardiovascular System


Ultrasonic waves have already been used for healing joint contracture, synechia, acute, chronic inflammatory diseases and pains in rehabilitation therapy. We had found out the increase of compliance of blood measuring the change of PTT(Pulse Transit Time). PTT change may be represented as an index of the compliance of blood vessel. Various analysis of Pulse Transit Time is employed as useful ways to acquire physiological information of patients. Especially, in the clinical cases, PTT is developed to measure the change of mechanical characteristics of blood vessels. We found that it is possible to increase PTT by adjusting the warm water and intensity change of ultrasound. The increase of PTT means the decrease of the pulse wave velocity from the cardiovascular system to the peripheral vascular and the increase the blood flow rate.

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