Effect of Aortic Diameter on the Biomechanical Properties of Ascending Aortic Aneurysms

D.P. Sokolis, E.P. Kritharis, R.P. Deveja, and D.C. Iliopoulos (Greece)


Ascending aortic aneurysms; biomechanical properties; aortic diameter.


This study assessed the effect of aortic diameter on the biomechanical properties of ascending aortic aneurysms. Fresh tissue from patients undergoing graft replacement of the ascending aorta was classified according to maximum preoperative transverse aneurysm diameter. Biomechanical testing showed non-significant differences in tissue strength, stiffness, and extensibility among smaller and larger aneurysms, with correlations between aortic diameter and all biomechanical indices being non significant. Significant correlations were found between tensile strength and wall thickness and stiffness. It is inferred from the current data that aortic diameter may not be a reliable index of the biomechanical properties of ascending aortic aneurysms, underscoring the necessity for detailed computational stress analyses that will offer a more precise criterion for the prediction of the risk of rupture of ascending aortic aneurysms than that afforded by the maximum transverse aneurysm diameter used today.

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