The Acoustical Behavior of Auditory System Model

I.G. Toostani, M. Pouladian, S. Mahmoudian, and M. Farhadi (Iran)


Ear modelling, Eustachian tube model, acoustical model, auditory mechanisms


This paper proposes a simple linear lumped circuit which could declare the function of external ear (EE) in transmission of sound to the middle ear (ME). Despite its simplicity, model is capable of simulate the sound wave transmission line from air into the ME. In this model we can investigate the anatomical disorders in most of the EE and some physiological problems that occur in the Eustachian tube (ET) and simulate their influence on the frequency content of sound delivered to the inner ear. A good analogy is observed between the model and acoustical behavior of the real EE in identical conditions. Verification is obtained from comparisons between the natural ear frequency response and the frequency response of our model.

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