FPGA based ECG Analysis System

A. Shukla and L. Macchiarulo (USA)


Hardware in the Loop, Biological Instrumentation, ElectroCardioGram, Field Programmable Gate Array.


This paper describes an FPGA-based ECG analysis system. The design, which is implemented on a Xilinx Spartan 3e starter boardĀ® utilizes about 35% of the resources available on the board, thereby leaving plenty of room for incorporating additional functionality. Hardware in the loop simulation results indicate that the design, implemented using Xilinx System GeneratorĀ® , efficiently detects peaks in QRS complexes with a difference of maximum 1 sample as compared to the software detection, after an initial set up time of 2 sec, for five selected records from the Physionet database. This solution can therefore prove to be effective in building relatively inexpensive ECG pre and co-processor to integrate into complex ECG systems.

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