Detection of Saccadic Eye Movements using the Order Statistic Constant False Alarm Rate Technique

P.-H. Niemenlehto and M. Juhola (Finland)


Electro-oculography, Saccade detection, Constant false alarm rate.


A saccade detection method built upon the order statis tic constant false alarm rate technique was applied to the detection of saccadic eye movements from electro oculographic signals. The technique is based on the adap tive thresholding approach, in which the sensitivity of the detector is adjusted according to the observed signal in or der to achieve a constant false alarm rate. The investigated method is capable of sequential detection of saccades, can operate in the presence of noise, can be implemented in a computationally efficient manner, and can operate au tonomously without user assistance. Therefore, it finds po tential use in applications that comprise analysis of electro oculographic signals.

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