Complexity of DNA Encryption System as a Subset of Java Cryptography Extension

T. Hodorogea and M.-F. Vaida (Romania)


DNA Encryption (DNAE) system, Central Dogma of Molecular Biology (CDMB), probabilistic encryption.


Java Cryptographic Extension (JCE) offers support for developing cryptographic package providers, allowing us to extend the JCE by implementing faster or more secure cryptographic algorithms. By the same means we shall provide our independent implementation of a DNA Encryption (DNAE) system, based on the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology (CDMB). In this work we present a technical process for protecting data assets such as personal medical information using a DNA cryptography technique in which a person's own blood mineral levels serve as a seed for selecting, transmitting, and recovering his sensitive personal data. As we know that the management of security keys remains a challenge, we also propose a mechanism to generate encrypt-decrypt keys by taking into consideration specifics of the cryptography method and the individual's blood analysis. Our work is based on the complexity of developing, as a subset of JCE, an unconditionally secure DNAE System as part of our security provider, named DNAProvider. We intend to use DNA Provider with the DNAE System in medical applications to ensure security of medical information

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