A Physically-based Method for Unfolding the Stomach from 3D CT Images

T.D. Truong, T. Kitasaka, K. Mori, and Y. Suenaga (Japan)


shape-adapted force model, soft tissue modeling, deforma tion, physically-based simulation, visualization.


We present a method for unfolding the stomach region in 3D CT images and drawing its luminal surface onto a sin gle 2D view. To be used in diagnosis and surgical plan ning of stomach cancer, an ideal view should display the entire surface while preserving local topology and geom etry. Although methods for preserving local topology and geometry have been developed, designing forces to direct the stomach to a planar shape remains an issue. We address this issue with a shape-adapted force model which enables automatic determination of unfolding forces based on the stomach shape and its surface normals. The method au tomatically recognizes the state of the stomach during un folding and adjusts forces where necessary to bring it to a planar state. Simulation using seventeen CT image datasets shows that the method can consistently unfold the stomach while satisfying the criteria on local topology and geometry given by prior work.

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