Estimation of Proper Parameter Values for Document Binarization

E. Badekas and N. Papamarkos (Greece)


Binarization, Thresholding, Document Processing, Segmentation, Parameter Evaluation and Detection


Most of the existing document-binarization techniques deal with many parameters that require a priori setting of their values. Due to the unknown of the ground-truth images, the evaluation of document binarization techniques is subjective and employs human observers for the estimation of the appropriate parameter values. The selection of the appropriate values for these parameters is crucial and influences to the final binarization. However, there is no predetermined set of parameters that guarantees optimal binarization for all document images. This paper proposes a new technique that allows the estimation of proper parameters values for each one of the document binarization techniques. The proposed approach is based on a statistical performance analysis of a set of binarization results, which are obtained by applying various binarization techniques with different parameter values. The proposed statistical performance analysis can also depicts the best document binarization result obtained by a set of document binarization techniques.

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