New Weighted Distance De-Interlacing Algorithm based on E-ELA and NAL

S. Lee, T. Kim, H. Choi, and J. Jeong (Korea)


Image Quality, Weighted Distance, De-Interlacing, Image Interpolation


This paper proposes a new de-interlacing method which results in efficient visual improvement. In the proposed algorithm, the distance weight was considered and the previously developed the E-ELA (Efficient Edge-based Line Averaging) algorithm and the NAL (New Adaptive Linear interpolation) algorithm were used as a basis. The de-interlacing method was divided into two main parts. First, the edge direction was found. Then, missing pixels were interpolated along with the decided edge. In this paper, after predicting the edge through the E-ELA algorithm, missing pixels were interpolated by using the weighted distance based on the NAL algorithm. Experimental results indicate that the proposed algorithm is superior to the conventional algorithms in terms of the objective and subjective criteria.

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