Collision Detection for Coarsely Meshed Deformable Objects

U. Völlinger and J. Misol (Germany)


Collision Detection, Physically-based Modeling, Deformable Object Simulation, Coarsely Meshed Objects


Fast and accurate methods for collision detection of de formable bodies are essential in physically based interac tive simulations and used in many applications including surgery simulations, computer games and Virtual Reality. As an efficient method for interactive collision detection of densely meshed tetrahedral meshes, spatial hashing has been introduced. It can be used for deformable and rigid bodies but has the disadvantage that deep object penetra tions can occur when coarsely meshed objects are simu lated. The use of coarsely meshed objects is especially de sirable for multi body simulations and for CAD models, as CAD modeling software often produces irregular triangu lations. We present an improved algorithm based on spatial hashing, which resolves this problem by considering also edge-edge collisions. This enables the estimation of the penetration depth for the newly detected penetrations.

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