The Simulation of Cloth using Accurate Physical Parameters

C. Luible and N. Magnenat-Thalmann (Switzerland)


Fabric measurement, cloth simulation, computer animation


Cloth simulation and fabric measurement are tightly linked areas of research. In order to obtain high quality animations of dressed models, the properties of the simulated garment must first be evaluated in an accurate and adapted way. As cloth is a very complex, anisotropic material, the evaluation of its properties is difficult to achieve, and various approaches exist. The outputted parameters have also to match the required inputs of the simulation engine. Until today, simulation systems have evolved to such a level that we are able to not only simulate simplified, static clothes, but also complex dynamically moving garments, in the time frame, expected by the clothing industry. This evolution brought new challenges for fabric characterisation methods as well and now the fabric measurement methods and derivation of fabric parameters also have to be pushed forward. The possible accuracy of virtual garment simulations is demonstrated on the basis of the example “high fashion in equation”.

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