Accuracy of GPU-based B-Spline Evaluation

D. Ruijters, B.M. ter Haar-Romeny (The Netherlands), and P. Suetens (Belgium)


Image Quality, B-spline, Cubic Interpolation, GPU Accel eration


In this article we discuss the accuracy issues that arise, when implementing cubic B-spline interpolation on the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Imprecision is inherent to the discrete nature of digital computing, especially when using floating point numbers. However, there are special accuracy issues to deal with, when employing the GPU. The GPU is more and more being regarded as a general pur pose parallel co-processor, and currently it is also finding its way in environments, where the algorithmic outcome has great impact, such as in biomedical image analysis. For such applications it is eminent that the accuracy of the re sults is documented, and properly taken into account. Next to analyzing the accuracy of the cubic B-spline interpola tion, we propose a modification to the GPU algorithm, in order to increase its precision, without sacrificing any sig nificant performance.

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