Mesh Cutting for Aided 3D Digital Model Setup and Planning

C. Sinthanayothin and W. Tharanont (Thailand)


Mesh cutting, digital model analysis, tooth segmentation.


This paper is a part of the development on 3D orthodontic diagnosis and treatment plan system. This paper presents the development of three-dimensional mesh cutting for aided orthodontic software using Borland C++ BuilderĀ® and OpenGL. The purpose of this article is to describe a quick and easy method that provides complete 3 dimensional views of the dental cast in STL format, and mesh cutting technique for aided 3D digital model and planning. Users can cut and separate each tooth from the dental cast by simply drawing a line on the cast. Then program will generate the vertical plane to obtain the cutting results. Next the users allow moving and rearranging each tooth automatically or individually to lie along the arch form curve for treatment planning.

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