Visual Surface Inspection of Scale-Covered Steel Billets

J.P. Yun, S.H. Choi, B.Y. Seo, and S.W. Kim (Korea)


surface inspection, optimized Gabor filter, billet surface, defect detection, filter selection.


In this paper a visual surface inspection method for scale covered steel billets is introduced. The billet surface image has a lot of scale, which is oxidized substance unavoidably caused during manufacturing process. Because scale of billet surface is similar to real defects such as crack, it is difficult to distinguish defects from scale-covered image. Moreover, different reflection properties among the defect-free image due to scale on the surface make hard to detect defects. To solve above problems, this paper proposes a new approach for defect detection based on Gabor filters with optimized energy separation. To enhance the performance of detection, double threshold method and Laplacian operation are proposed. Finally, the experimental results conducted on billet surface images obtained real steel making plant.

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