65nm CMOS Sensors Applied to Mathematically Exact Colorimetric Reconstruction

C. Mayr, S. Henker, A. Krause, J.-U. Schlüßler, and R. Schüffny (Germany)


Sub 100nm CMOS sensor, colorimetric reconstruction, image acquisition, spectral processing


Extracting colorimetric image information from the spectral characteristics of image sensors is a key issue in accurate image acquisition. Technically feasible filter/sensor combinations usually do not replicate colorimetric responses with sufficient accuracy to be directly applicable to color representation. A variety of transformations have been proposed in the literature to compensate for this. However, most of those rely on heuristics and/or introduce a reconstruction dependent on the composition of the incoming illumination. In this work, we present a spectral reconstruction method that is independent of illumination and is derived in a mathematically strict way. It provides a deterministic method to arrive at a least mean squared error approximation of a target spectral characteristic from arbitrary sensor response curves. Further, we present a new CMOS sensor design in a standard digital 65nm CMOS technology. Novel circuit techniques are used to achieve performance comparable with much larger-sized specialized photo-CMOS processes. The sensor is utilized as testbed for the spectral reconstruction method.

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