Distance Data Improvement for a Customary PMD Range Imaging Sensor

A. Sabov, J. Radmer, and J. Krüger (Germany)


Calibration, range camera, PMD, distance calibration, depth image, Time of Flight


Robust 3D information is crucial for various applications, such as object recognition or tracking. A recently developed sensor to acquire distance information is based on the Photo Mixer Device (PMD) technique. The current camera generation still has some drawbacks compared to other 3D sensors. One common error source for any camera is the lens. Imprecise manufacturing and positioning lead to distorted images and incorrect distance measurements. In this paper several calibration techniques are used to identify the intrinsic parameters of the camera. A camera model which considers the real path of the reflected light ray is defined. The resulting distance values still have an offset to the real distance values. A calibration setup is presented that uses two rangefinders to calibrate the distance values. The dependency of the offset on different parameters is evaluated and a calibration matrix is created to correct the distance values in operation.

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