An Introduced Blocked-Wavelet Algorithm for Signal and Time Improvements of Images with Multiple Regions

M. Abdou (Egypt)


Progressive Image Transmission- Embedded Zerotree Blocked Wavelet- Medical Imaging- Regions of Interest


Progressive image transmission of images with an important region or region of interest (ROI) has been given much attention in the last decade. Most work had focused on transmission of images with a single ROI. This paper studies images with multiple regions of interest. The paper presents a novel blocked wavelet progressive transmission method. This proposed method is based on embedded zerotree wavelet (EZW) and time domain image partitioning into sub-image blocks, where each root in the highest decomposition level of the EZW tree is being related to one image block. During transmission, ROI blocks could be sent in earlier levels, when their relative roots are considered active. Thus, the progressive transmission will be oriented towards the most important areas of the image (ROIs) first, and then the rest of the image will be sent in the next iterative levels.

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